Session Americana's first album was conceived as a celebration of our local music community and focused on music for families, but quickly expanded to include whatever music we felt like playing, all very much live in the old Hi-N-Dry

Released 2005

Hi-N-Dry Records

Produced by Billy Conway

Recorded and mixed by Tom Dube

Executive Producer for Session Americana Ry Cavanaugh

Album Art by Asa Brebner

Photography by Jon Strymish

Design by Sarah Beth Wiley

Musicians: Ry CavanaughSean StaplesDinty ChildJim FittingBilly BeardKimon Kirk  and Jennifer KimballLaurie SargentRose PolenzaniTim GearanMerrie AmsterburgAsa BrebnerDennis BrennanDuke Levine, and Chris Ballew (Presidents of the USA) as guests.