Session Americana’s next album will be an exploration of what some of the sounds of popular and folk music from the Northeastern United States sounds like as filtered through the many tastes and voices of the Session Americana community. For this project, we are asking our friends and collaborators from all over the region to share some of their favorite local songs, focusing on contemporary folk-genre with some of old school rock and a splattering of punk.

Kris Delmhorst is co-producing.

We’ve started the recording and have versions of songs by Chandler Travis, Patty Griffin, Donna Summer, James Taylor, Jonathan Richman, Tom Rush, Carly Simon, Al Anderson, Amy Correia, Pixies, Chris Pappas, Bill Morrissey and Mark Sandman.

On the recordings so far we have John Powhida, Rose Polenzani, Kris Delmhorst, Isa Burke, Duke Levine, Merrie Amsterberg, Peter Linton, Jason Anick, Dietrich Strause, Zak Trojano, Jennifer Kimball, Ali McGuirk, Billy Beard, Jon Bistline, Dinty Cild, Jim Fitting, Jeffrey Foucault, and Ry Cavanaugh.