Great Shakes is the latest album by Session Americana. Featuring Jefferson Hamer

Release September 2016

Produced by Jefferson Hamer and Session Americana 

Mixed by Paul Q. Kolderie
Engineered by Jefferson Hamer, Alex Hug and Ry Cavanaugh

Recorded at Kimon;s House, Ry's House, Jefferson's House and Armory Sound

Mastered by Ian Kennedy at New Alliance Studio

Photography by Topher Cox

Design by Shaun Wortis

Great Shakes (2016)

Great Shakes, the new album from Session Americana with Jefferson Hamer, makes a bold statement for the Boston-area collective that has been playing together since 2003. Whereas previous albums have harnessed the sprawling
familial energy of the group, Great Shakes is a focused reflection of a six-piece version of the band that has been playing together sporadically for the past few years: Billy Beard (drums), Ry Cavanaugh (guitar), Kimon Kirk (bass), Jim Fitting (harmonica), Dinty Child (multi-instrumentalist), and Jefferson Hamer (guitar). While some of the songs on the record
will be familiar to fans of the live group, the band also worked on new material together during their weeks-long sojourn in January 2016. Some songs fit together like jigsaw puzzles, with lyrics from one member and music from another, while other songs evolved through conversation and much experimentation. The product, scheduled for release in September 2016, feels more like the birth of a band than the seventh record of a collective.