For those of you who saw Jeffrey Foucault earlier this year you will have remembered the wonderful Ry Cavanaugh who accompanied him on those shows. Ry’s charm and wit, not to mention endless supply of great songs (both his and other people’s) was there for everyone to see and provided a real different approach to the standard singer-songwriter live show. We are therefore delighted to announce that Cavanaugh is back in the UK and Ireland at the end of September with his truly special musical collective, Session Americana, who also feature the incredible talents on Jefferson Hamer, Laura Cortese, Billy Beard, Dinty Child and Kimon Kirk amongst a revolving cast. Session Americana are a band/collective from Boston (USA) that thrive on spontaneity and relish the live arena. The format of the show is roughly based on the traditional Irish Session and the band carries its own microphone adapted table, a suitcase drum kit and an assortment of quirky instruments. The repertoire is primarily based around original material by all the band’s writers and singers, but the group blends in songs from across the spectrum of pop music from American Country to Irish Folk to straight Pop – It is not a “hay-bale and suspenders” group and the sound, though rooted very deeply in Americana, is artful and contemporary. Session Americana’s latest album, “Love and Dirt” is being released by Continental Records Services on October 1st after already garnering amazing reviews in the US where the band have developed both a loyal and hugely supportive fan base. The Boston Globe says “(Love and Dirt is) a contemplative soul searcher boasting a contemporary edge cut with rustic twang; Session Americana comes up with some gems, full of folk’s honesty and rock’s urgency.” Boston Business Journal named “Love and Dirt” one of Boston’s top 40 pop/rock albums ever.”