“Tabletop People” (2 CD set) by Session Americana (Hi-N-Dry)—This group is a loose collaboration of top-notched musicians living in the Boston area.  According to the liner notes “Generally, each song (for the CD) had a leader or singer who came in with an arrangement and taught it to the band… (A)fter a couple times through the tune, an arrangement became apparent and the song developed into what you hear on the CD.”  Essentially, “Tabletop People” was recorded live in the studio—but the unbelievable talent of the performers lends a polish unexpected in a live CD.  Many of the songs are public domain, but included is Jonathan Richman’s “Party in the Woods” led by former Richman side-guy Asa Brebner.  Timeless, childlike, way cool.  Laurie Sargent’s “Food Opera,” though, is worth the entire cost of the CD—screamingly funny and impressive vocally. Laurie sings so high you just know she’s going to miss the note! (She doesn’t.)  “Twinkle Twinkle Little Star” sung sweet and sexy by Merrie Amsterberg should be required listening in kindergartens across the world, and in corporate boardrooms, the White House, the United Nations—everywhere!  I could go on and on about this remarkable CD, which some might mistakenly believe is a kids’ record.  It’s not.  This one gets our highest rating: 4 big monster bottle caps.  Session Americana is further proof that, despite keen competition from Austin, Boston remains the cultural center of the universe.  By the way, we recently did a show with Session Americana at the Narrows Center for the Arts in Fall River, MA.  Fab!